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Ladies of Color

Queens, New York


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Our Association

History of the Association


Years ago, the current chairman of our association, Loretta Guy, created it in order to give everyone the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas in a constructive manner. The Association quickly turned into an important part of our members' lives!

An Interview with Loretta Guy Ladies of Color, C.E.O


Why did you start this LOC?

Originally we were a group of four female friends that just wanted to get together socially. We decided to pool our money monthly so that once a month we could go to plays, shows, movies, etc. By our second meeting, we decided that since we were pooling our funds, we should put them towards something more worthwhile than a social outing. We identified the areas in our community that we felt we could best address ways of doing this.   So, sitting around my dining room table in 1986 the inception of our organization began. Born out of what Essence magazine later defined as "kitchen table politics", fashioned after B.M.A.D (Black Men Against Drugs) a community based organization, LOC was poised to take on this grass roots endeavor.


Where did the name Ladies of color originate?

There were several suggestions for naming our organization; some of them to funny to even mention. Our first pick was Ladies of Color. The acronym LOC, i.e. " lock" would serve to remind us that not only were we taking on a task to help empower our community but that we would also be there to support one another in our individual trials, tribulations and successes as sisters.



What is your vision for the future of LOC?
Growth. A facility of our own; having the resources to reach and empower more in our community.


What are you looking for in new members?

Ladies with a shared vision that see the need for organizations like ours that can come up with new and innovative ways to fulfill the promise we made years ago. We are looking for ladies that are the type of women that our young girls can aspire to be; good, honest, decent, productive members of our community.



Who and What does LOC mean to you?

I would like Ladies of Color to be my life's work in hopes of someday, sometime, somewhere, someone will remember us for all that we do and all that we have done.



What do you want to accomplish and or bring into this organization?

A sense of sisterhood which is a very powerful driving force. There is just no telling what good things can come out of an assembly of women. "So built we the walls: and the walls were joined together...for the people had a mind to work." Nehemiah 4:6.



What is your main focus in the organization?

My focus...helping anyway possible to make more productive members of our community.



If you can describe one word or phrase for the organization what would it be?

Build it and they will come!

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